Addis Ababa: Participation of the CJCA in the 37th African Union Summit

Commissioned by the President of the Conference of African Constitutional Judicial Bodies, His Excellency Mr. Benabdallah, and at the invitation of the African Union, the Secretary-General of the Conference, Mr. Laraba, participated in the opening and closing session of the 37th session of Heads of State and Government of the member states of the African Union, which was held on February 17 and 18, 2024 in Addis Ababa. -Ethiopia.
On the sidelines of the work, Mr. Laraba met with a number of officials, where he discussed with them the ongoing preparations to renew the signing of the partnership agreement between the conference and the African Union.
The Secretary-General of the Conference was also received by the Chief Justice of Ethiopia, President of the Supreme Court as well as the Secretary-General of the Ethiopian Constitutional Council.
As a reminder, the CJCA has had the status of an “Observer Member” of the African Union since 2015.