Congo: les nouveaux membres de la Cour constitutionnelle, officiellement installés.

Congo: the new members of the Constitutional Court, officially installed.

Appointed by presidential decree on May 8, 2023, the nine members of the Constitutional Court were sworn in before Parliament meeting in congress on July 10 in Brazzaville.

On behalf of the President of the Republic, guarantor of the regular functioning of the public authorities, the Minister of State, Florent Ntsiba, reinstated Auguste Iloki as President of the Constitutional Court, as well as his Vice-President, Pierre Passi. He also installed the seven other members of this high institution in their functions. Of these seven members, there are five old and two new, notably Virginie Shéryl Ndessabeka and Albert Mbon.

The list of members of the Constitutional Court, according to their designation

President of the Republic: Auguste Iloki (president); Nadia Josiane Laure Macosso; Virginia Sheryl Nicole Ndessabeka.

President of the Senate: Pierre Passi (vice-president); Jacques Bombete.

President of the National Assembly: Marc Massamba Ndilou; Placid Moudoudou.

The Constitutional Court of Congo has been a founding member of the CJCA since its creation in 2011 in Algiers.