Equatorial Guinea: change of President of the Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Tribunal of Equatorial Guinea has a new president in the person of: Antonio Nzambi Nlonga. He was appointed by decree number dated September 2, 2022, the new president of this constitutional body.

Nzambi Nlonga replaces Fermín Nguema Esono Mbengono, the outgoing president, who was appointed magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice.

Antonio Nzambi Nlong has held various responsibilities within the administration of justice.

-Secretary of State for Justice, Worship, and Institutions.

-Member of the Law Codification Commission of Equatorial Guinea.

-Member of the Constitution Review Commission in 2011.

-State Attorney General

The Constitutional Court of Equatorial Guinea has been a member of the CJCA since April 2017.