Guinea Bissau: New President of the Supreme Court of Justice

The judge-counselor Mamadú Saido Baldé was elected, on May 18, 2021, president of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Superior Council of the Judiciary of Guinea-Bissau, succeeding Paulo Sanhá, whose second and last term ended.

Saido Baldé was elected from among his peers, with 8 votes out of 15, in a close vote, which also included advisory judge Ladislau Embassa, former attorney general of the Republic.

In the past, Mamadú Saido Baldé was a prosecutor and Minister of Justice in early 2000.

The judge advisor Lima André was elected to the position of vice-president, replacing Rui Néne.

The Supreme Court of Justice of Guinea Bissau also serves as the Constitutional Court and is a founding member of the CJCA since May 2011.