International Colloquium on Constitutional Justice and Electoral Disputes Kinshasa from May 18 to 20, 2023

Aware of the role of constitutional justice in the construction and consolidation of the rule of law and pluralist democracy, the DRC Constitutional Court, under the impetus of its President, Mr. Dieudonné KAMULETA, deemed it necessary to submit for reflection specialists in constitutional justice "the issue of the role of constitutional justice in the effectiveness of the rule of law and pluralist democracy". This is to enable the High Constitutional Court of the DRC to draw the necessary lessons to ensure the effectiveness and consolidation of the constitutional and democratic rule of law, the foundation of African neo-constitutionalism.

To do this, it will be a question of:

- Examine the place of constitutional courts in the construction of the rule of law and democracy;

- Examine the place of the Constitution and other reference standards in the office of the constitutional judge;

- Go through the different possible objects of the constitutional review;

- Reflect on the place of the constitutional judge in the national and international jurisdictional environment;

- Analyze the conditions for carrying out free, democratic and transparent elections, and study the place of the constitutional judge in this office.

It is within these objectives that this symposium on constitutional justice and electoral disputes falls. This is a scientific activity that will see the participation of the greatest European specialists (such as Professors Dominique Rousseau, Guillaume Drago, Guillaume Tusseau, Pierre de Montalivet, CAMBY Jean Pierre ...) as well as African and Congolese specialists (DARLAN Danièle, BADET Gilles, BALA CISSÉ, BABAKAR KANTE, DANDI GNAMOU, ONDOUA Alain, BOKONA François, André MBATA, IMERANE MAIGA Amadou...)