Togo: Appointment of a new President of the Constitutional Court

The President of the Republic of Togo, appointed Thursday, April 25, 2024, Djobo-Babakane COULIBALEY, President of the Constitutional Court of Togo, according to a presidential decree.
Professor of constitutional law at public universities in Togo, he succeeds the late Aboudou Assouma, who died a year ago.
The new President joined the Constitutional Court in 2019, thanks to an election of his fellow law professors-researchers.

In Togo, article 100 of the Constitution establishes that the Constitutional Court is composed of nine members appointed for seven renewable years.

1983: University of Benin – Lomé Masters in Law (fairly good)
1984: University of Lille II (France) Diploma of Advanced Studies
in public law (D.E.A.)
1989: University of Lille II (France) Doctorate in public law (very
1992: Assistant at the Faculty of Law (University of Lomé)
1998: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights:
Certificate of participation in training courses on the Standards and
International Human Rights Criteria.
2000: Assistant Professor of Public Law.
2013: Lecturer in Public Law.
2022: Full Professor of Public Law.

1992 to 2004: - Teacher-Researcher at the Faculty of Law of Lomé
- Lecturer in public law at the Ecole Nationale
of Administration (ENA) and the African School of Business Professions
Architecture and Urban Planning (EAMAU).
1996 to 2002: Legal advisor to the Minister of Social Affairs and the Promotion of Women.

The Constitutional Court of Togo has been a founding member of the CJCA since 2011.