Angola: Participation of the CJCA in the observation mission of the general elections

At the request of the Angolan authorities, a CJCA delegation went to Luanda to participate from August 21 to 27, 2022, in the observation mission for the general elections (legislative and presidential) whose date was set for August 24. 2022.

As part of this mission, the CJCA delegation carried out the following program of activities:

-meeting with the President of the National Elections Commission (CNE) accompanied by his close associates;

-meeting with the President of the Constitutional Court;

-participation in a meeting organized by the SADC and bringing together observers representing other organizations (the African Union, the European Union) as well as the press;

-meeting with the President of the MPLA;

-meeting with the media; on this occasion, several issues were discussed, in particular the measures taken to ensure equal access of candidates to the media and fair coverage of the activities of candidates;

- meeting with civil society organizations for an exchange on the conditions in which the observers carry out their mission;

- visit of several polling stations at the start of the ballot and at the end of the operations to see firsthand the progress of the vote and the counting of the ballots.

In addition to the CJCA, eight international organizations, including the African Union, the European Union, SADEC, ... were invited to observe these general elections.