CJCA: Launch of the first edition of the “CJCA Thesis Prize”


The Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Africa-CJCA, launches the first edition of the “CJCA Thesis Prize”, which aims to encourage African jurists, students, and researchers and to reward excellence and originality in the development of research and studies which address constitutional, electoral issues and more generally all subjects which fall within the jurisdiction of African Supreme Courts, Councils, and constitutional Courts.

A total amount of ten thousand (10,000) euros was allocated to this prize, distributed equally between theses prepared in the four working languages of the CJCA, namely: English, Arabic, French and Portuguese, at the rate of two thousand five hundred (2,500) euros for each thesis.

Application files

Deadline for sending applications

Application files must be sent to the following address: contact@cjca-conf.org

The deadline for receiving application files by email is May 30, 2024.

Done in Algiers, September 18, 2023