Iraq: membership of the Supreme Court, as an Observer, in the CJCA

In a letter addressed to the General Secretariat of the CJCA dated January 3, 2023, Chief Justice Mr. Jassem Mahmoud Aboud officially requested the Supreme Court of Iraq to join the CJCA as an “Observer Member”.

This request was endorsed by the members of the Executive Bureau of the CJCA, during its 15th session which was held in Kinshasa on February 10, 2023.

 Observer members are non-African jurisdictions that request observer status.

The observer member does not have the right to vote; he is not required to pay any dues but may make donations to the Conference.

With the accession of the SC in Iraq, the number of observer members has increased to four, namely: the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil and the Constitutional Courts of Russia and Turkey.